Hannaford joins Price Chopper in billing paper bags

Hannaford supermarkets will join Price Chopper and Market32 in charging customers 5 cents for paper bags from March 1, the day a statewide plastic bag ban goes into effect.

The ban on bags, which are much cheaper to produce than paper bags, also gave counties in the state the option of charging supermarkets a 5-cent fee on each paper bag that comes home with it. a customer.

Albany County is one of a small number of counties in the state that have chosen to charge supermarkets at a fee, which is split between the county and the state.

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In response to the plastic bag ban, Hannaford and others decided that charging 5 cents on every paper bag statewide is the best way to deal with the bag ban, whether stores are located in a county that has chosen to collect the 5 penny fee. Paper bags cost supermarkets more than the 5 cents in fees, and so far customers have received plastic bags by default.

“Our experience has been that plastic bag bans push people towards single-use paper, which is energy intensive to make and transport,” said Ericka Dodge, spokesperson for Hannaford. “So, in an effort to reduce single-use bags in the environment and encourage the use of reusable bags, our store will begin charging a fee of 5 cents for each paper bag, regardless of the local ordinance. “

Hannaford, Price Chopper, and Market32 both pushed customers to embrace the use of reusable bags they bring with them to the store and sell the reusable bags at low prices.

Hannaford offers a take-out grocery service called Hannaford to Go that packs groceries in paper bags. The company is considering potential changes to adapt this service to the ban.

“We are looking for ways to fix this problem,” Dodge said. “So I would say more to come in this area. “

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