Jersey States Assembly votes to ban single-use plastic and paper bags

The Assembly of States, the parliament of Jersey, has approved a proposal to ban the supply and distribution of certain types of single-use plastic and paper bags to reduce waste.

The proposal was presented by Deputy Minister of Infrastructure Kevin Lewis and was unanimously ratified by members of the Assembly of States.

The law will require traders to charge customers 70 pence for a plastic or paper “lifetime bag”.

This price was set after consultation with the industry and a study to identify the most effective price to discourage customers from purchasing the bags.

Certain bags, including garbage bags, dog waste bags and diaper bags, are exempt from the regulations.

MP Lewis said: ‘Similar bans on specific types of single-use plastics are becoming more common around the world, and I am delighted that we are leading the way in the British Isles with this legislation.

“I am happy that Member States have supported this initiative, aimed at reducing waste and supporting our transition to a carbon neutral future.

“While many companies could have complied with the new law by January, others may find it difficult to work with their manufacturing partners to stock replacements on time.

“Some would be faced with the need to destroy large quantities of existing bags, which clearly goes against what we want to achieve with it.

“Having recognized this, I am happy that Member States have supported my amendment, which will allow traders longer than originally expected to prepare for the ban.

“Extending the preparation period to 12 months will give companies time to adjust, but I encourage those who are in a position to switch to more sustainable packaging earlier to do so.”

In May, the British government decided to double the cost of single-use plastic bags from 5p to 10p in England. The fee hike went into effect on May 21.

Since the introduction of the 5p levy in 2015, sales of plastic bags in major UK supermarkets have fallen by 95%.

Ethel J. Montes

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