My God! Japanese company makes paper bags to reduce plastic pollution in its animals

Plastic has become one of the most notorious pollutants on the planet, as it continues to harm the oceans, the environment and wildlife. To tackle the problem, a Japanese paper company has developed a deer-friendly paper bag to prevent the animal from consuming plastic, which leads to its premature death.

Necessity is the mother of invention as they say and in the case of Japan, necessity arose after its national treasure, the Nara deer, consumed the deadly plastic. Nara is a small town and ancient Japanese capital south of Kyoto that has been home to the native Sika deer for centuries.

Tourists visiting Nara Park, home to more than 1,200 Nara deer, gave them snacks packaged in plastic wrappers. After feeding the deer, some tourists left the plastic wrappers in the park which were then eaten by the deer who mistook it for food.

As a result, deer have been found with unhealthy amounts of plastic in their stomachs. To solve this problem, Takashi Nakamura, owner of a paper business in Nara, came up with the idea of ​​producing deer-friendly paper bags.

According to BBC Japan, Nakamura collaborated with two locals, a cosmetics wholesaler and a designer to work together to create the deer-friendly bag. The bags are made from recycled milk cartons and rice bran. These are the same ingredients that are used in the deer-friendly crackers that tourists receive to feed the animals.

Speaking to BBC Japan, Nakamura said he had sold around 3,500 bags to six local businesses, including the Nara Town Tourism Bureau, a local bank and a pharmacy. The bag has been tested by the Japanese Food Research Laboratories, which have declared it to be safe for consumption. The site adds that each bag costs around 100 yen (Rs 70) while a normal plastic bag usually costs around a few cents.

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