NJ ban on plastic and paper bags to begin Wednesday

The countdown is on until disposable bags are a thing of the past in New Jersey. The Garden State’s bag ban goes into effect Wednesday, and it’s not just about plastic bags. The ban also includes paper bags.

Departure. On May 4, stores will be banned from giving away single-use plastic bags, the ones a store clerk typically drops groceries into at checkout.

Governor Phil Murphy signed the ban in 2020. Now people will have to bring their own or buy reusable bags from various stores.


State officials say the ban also includes paper bags for most grocery stores.

For those ordering pickup, some stores said they would add the cost of reusable bags to the bill.

“I guess that’s good, because like, you go to the beach and all you see are plastic bags and stuff. That’s all you see and a bunch of stuff. “Other trash and stuff like that. So if we eliminate any of those issues, then I’m all for it,” client Amber Muhlbaier shared.

“It’s convenient. I also shop at Costco and you don’t have bags there. You just put them in a box so if they provide them leave them there for us to use “said Crystal Lucas, another client.

Ethel J. Montes