Primark fan tries ‘secret wrapping paper bags’ and is in love with the result

Primark handed out shopping bags that can be scavenged as Christmas wrapping paper – and one customer tried the hack and showed enviable results on TikTok.

Apparently not many people know about the hack and you have to ask the staff for the special bags.

In the clip, user Sandra Hawkes is shown at a Primark store picking up one of the brown and red striped bags and taking it home to cut it into sheets of paper and then wrap her presents.

Surprisingly, even the present tags are included in the bag.

When Sandra wraps them with multicolored string and puts them under the tree, the wrappers are beautiful and elegant.

The pretty Primark bags have a simple but festive design

The present packaging hack has been watched over half a million times and hundreds of people have left comments, many admitted that they have no idea the secret of the design.

“I literally work in Primark and just realized that’s why they’re this model,” one viewer admitted.

Likewise, another employee admitted, “As someone who works at Primark and distributes these bags, I didn’t even know that.”

Gifts look great in the Primark <a class=paper bag” content=””/>
Gifts look great in the Primark paper bag

One fan said: “I wrapped some of my presses in it! I just need a lot of tape.”

One person enthused: “Amazing idea that all stores should do this.”

“It’s such a good idea, I didn’t know they were doing this,” exclaimed another fan.

Some viewers said they shopped at Primark and always received the solid brown bags, but Sandra responded and said she had to specifically ask for the party bags.

Other people complained about the bags breaking, but she said doubling the bags was enough to make them stronger.

Primark opened some of its stores for 24 hours in response to an increase in customer numbers after the lockdown was lifted.

Managing Director Paul Marchant said: “We are delighted to reopen our stores in England on December 2, with longer shopping hours to give our customers more time to safely shop for party.

“This season we have everything our customers expect from Primark, including our famous Christmas sweaters, party pajamas and more. “

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