Primark has redesigned its paper bags so they can double as Christmas wrapping paper

The iconic paper bags have received a festive makeover!

Preparing for what is sure to be a busy holiday season, Primark has revamped its well-known paper shopping bags with a Christmas twist – and they’re going to be absolute lifesavers in December. Doubling not only shopping bags, but wrapping paper as well, the inventive new design was created with the environment in mind – with the goal of reducing the amount of wasted paper this Christmas (and saving you some money. dollars!).

Credit: Primark

Not only that, but it’s also fully recyclable, just like their regular bags – and features an aesthetic design that will look stunning under any tree. Each striped candy bag features the ‘this bag makes great wrapping paper’ prompt, and even has guidelines at the top and bottom to help you get the most out of the paper.

The new bags were well received by the savvy buyers on Facebook, many refer to the bags as “practical” and some even say they match their ribbons and labels perfectly.

The news comes as Primark CEO Paul Marchant has confirmed that the company plans to open 24 hours a day throughout December, helping the company recover lost revenue from the November lockdown, and also to reduce the pressure on demand when buyers return to the Main Street.

The festive bags are expected to roll out to stores across England when it reopens in December, with shoppers already spotting them in Welsh and Scottish stores this month.

Ethel J. Montes