Shoppers praise Primark’s ‘clever idea’ after discovering message on paper bags

Primark has wowed shoppers after revealing a way to reuse its paper bags this Christmas.

The store has given its famous brown paper bags a festive makeover and there’s a particular reason for that.

Eagle-eyed Primark customers may have noticed a message written on the bags, telling them how to reuse them once they’ve unpacked their purchases. The bags, which have candy cane-coloured stripes, can be used as Christmas wrapping paper and the idea has been well received by shoppers.

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Some people who have tried using the wrapping paper have shared their results on Instagram.

‘home_with_kaitlyn’ told her followers: “Would you believe me if I told you this wrapping paper was a bag? How gorgeous is that? @primark has turned their bags into reusable wrapping paper and gift tags! How amazing! Love”.

Miss_silva92 said, “Using the Primark bag as wrapping paper! Good idea @primark”.

Xbudget_lifex said: “Primark have made their Christmas bags reusable so you can use the bag as wrapping paper and tags by cutting out the section. This can save a few pennies on wrapping paper and is a great idea “.

Helena_diy_decor said: “I love it and it matches my red and gold theme”.

Tashatheexplorerofficial added: #primarkbag made me do it. I’m a little shaken how nice #primark bags are for #wrappingpapper! I even cut a label on it and added some gold for the extra”.

This isn’t the first time Primark has given its bags a festive makeover. In a story on Primark’s website, published in 2020, the retailer said: “We’ve given our signature brown bags a fun candy cane print for the holidays, and guess what? It is the perfect wrapping paper for your gifts. This Christmas, you can put the evidence of your last Primark transport to good use…

“Gifting is one of our favorite parts of the holiday season! Grab your scissors and some tape, because all you’ll need for great gift-wrapping this Christmas is one of our plastic bags. paper. Just cut it to fit your gifts. If you’re crafty, you can even fold it like an origami to make star decorations.

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Ethel J. Montes