Talabat Mart moves from paper bags to sustainable plastic bags

talabat mart has now changed its current paper packaging materials to biodegradable plastic bags
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Dubai: talabat, the region’s leading food and grocery delivery hub, is proud to announce that its 24/7 fast-trade grocery platform, talabat mart, has gone from paper bags to biodegradable and reusable plastic bags as part of its commitment to sustainability and providing consumers with eco-friendly options.

In its continued efforts to achieve greener and more sustainable operations, talabat mart has now changed its current paper packaging materials to biodegradable plastic bags – which offer a host of environmental benefits such as faster decomposition rates. in open environments, compared to other types of plastic. talabat mart now only offers sustainable packaging that can be reused in the future and uses four times less energy to produce than paper bags.

Tomaso Rodriguez, CEO of talabat, said the switch to biodegradable packaging is a step towards integrating more environmentally friendly methods into talabat operations. “At talabat, we are extremely dedicated to supporting sustainable operations by aligning our business practices with those of the United Nations Sustainable Development Group and the United Arab Emirates Vision 2021. The introduction of talabat mart’s biodegradable packaging is another important step as we lead the way towards a more sustainable environment. way of serving our customers, ”he said.

“In addition, we are convinced that as a company that contributes so much to the day-to-day aspects of our consumers’ lives, we must strive to be as environmentally friendly as possible and enable our customers to do even every day.

Rodriguez also commented on talabat’s commitment to encouraging customers and partner restaurants to reduce the use of plastic cutlery. “Talabat has put in place a series of sustainable initiatives, such as the default ‘no cutlery’ option on food delivery orders, to help reduce unnecessary plastic use in our ecosystem. Customers who require plastic cutlery should notify restaurants upon check-out, which has resulted in an increase in orders without cutlery from 6.5% to 62.6% in the span of four months, which is a remarkable feat.

talabat mart is available through the talabat platform, by downloading the talabat app through iOS Appstore or Google Play.

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