The first recyclable LEGO paper bags unveiled in a 2021 box

The LEGO Group’s project to roll out the paper bags in sets began with the Employee Giveaway from 2021, which contains the first recyclable replacements for traditional plastic bags.

Following a ‘successful trial’ of its durable solution for packaging inside LEGO boxes, the company has announced that it will begin a wider rollout of paper bags from the start of the year. next. We haven’t yet seen the results of that rollout in any of the 2022 sets we’ve looked at so far, but the paper bags have apparently made their debut in this year’s employee giveaway.

Recently revealed as 4002021 The Temple of Celebrations, the exclusive set – part of an annual tradition that sees a festive model given to LEGO employees – is a seasonal celebration of NINJAGO’s 10th anniversary. And according to the LEGO fans website BricksFanz, the limited edition set includes the first paper bags we’ve seen in the wild.

The monochrome bags hide the parts inside, which is probably the biggest practical change from traditional plastic bags – beyond the material – but they otherwise serve the same purpose as the original bags, until ‘to their numbering. They are also decorated with a LEGO brick design and can even stand up.

Look for these paper bags in new sets from early 2022, although if our review copies are anything to go by, it might be some time before they completely replace the plastic bags. Either way, this is another key step in the LEGO Group’s ambition to make its packaging fully recyclable by 2025.

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Ethel J. Montes