Transparent paper bags from: Seaman Paper

Vela bags are recyclable, durable and transparent, providing an efficient and sustainable alternative to plastic, including, among other uses, the protection of clothing products throughout the supply chain.

“Sustainability is embedded in the culture of Seaman Paper, and the Vela brand is the final step in our mission to provide alternatives to, or even eliminate, single-use plastics,” said Ken Winterhalter, CEO of Seaman Paper. “Vela bags offer a practical, high-quality solution for apparel and other industries that allows brands and others to promote sustainability without sacrificing efficiency. “

Vela bags are durable and weather resistant to protect products from moisture, humidity and dust during transport. Vela bags are also transparent, allowing visual inspection of packaged products and manual barcode reading. The resealable strip allows the bag to close and open multiple times.

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Recognizing the importance of creating a plastic-free supply chain, leading clothing manufacturers such as Faherty, Outerknown and Mara Hoffman have committed to using Vela bags in their operations.

“As a brand that thinks about our environmental impact on a daily basis, the use of plastic plastic bags has always been an issue for us,” said Kerry Docherty, Co-Founder and Director of Impact at Faherty. “We are delighted that Vela has invented a product that helps solve the problem of plastic pollution of polyethylene bags in the garment industry. “

Echoing that sentiment, Outerknown founder and 11-time World Surfing League champion Kelly Slater said to eliminate the use of virgin plastic and ensure we keep it out of our oceans. “

Sharing Outerknown’s position, Mara Hoffman’s vice president of sustainability, products and strategy, Dana Davis, added, “We have moved to Vela’s FSC-certified fabric bags because the infrastructure to recycle properly paper is much more developed than the infrastructure to recycle flexible plastic. Our hope is that customers and stores will properly recycle these end-of-life bags to prevent materials from ending up in landfills. ”

Ethel J. Montes