Woolworths forced to defend overseas-made paper bags again thanks to keen-eyed buyer

Woolworths is forced to defend its new paper bags AGAIN after eagle-eyed shopper uncovers another feature that’s sure to put customers offside

  • Woolworths has been criticized after introducing new paper bags at the checkout
  • Buyers criticized Woolworths for not making the bags locally
  • Now another eagle-eyed buyer has weighed in on the controversy with a new twist

Woolworths faces further backlash against its new paper bags after an observant buyer pointed out another embarrassing detail.

After reintroducing paper bags to their stores last week, the retail giant came under heavy criticism when it was revealed that they were made in China.

Now eagle-eyed customer Peter Jones has revealed his paper bag was made in Vietnam – a sighting that prompted an immediate reaction from the supermarket.

An eagle-eyed shopper noticed his Woolworths paper bag (pictured) was made in Vietnam after the supermarket giant went wild when it was revealed the items were not made locally

Woolworths reintroduced the paper bag last week, but received a strong reaction when shoppers shared images of their bags saying they were 'made in China'

Woolworths reintroduced the paper bag last week, but received strong reactions when shoppers shared images of their bags saying they were ‘made in China’

“Sure, someone in Australia makes paper bags. These were made in Vietnam, ”he wrote on Facebook.

“I thought we were in the ‘Buy Australian Made’ era. “

A Woolworths spokesperson responded to Mr Jones’ post as to why the bags were made in Vietnam and China.

“We hear from you and want to assure you that we fully intend to source paper bags from Australia as soon as possible,” the spokesperson wrote.

“We are currently unable to manufacture paper bags on the scale we need here in Australia.”

After customers discovered the reintroduced bags weren’t made in Australia, many took to social media to trash the grocer.

“It’s good to see that you have switched to paper bags, but they are made in China!” How about supporting ours! One person commented.

“How can we support Australians if big companies don’t give us the opportunity? “Very disappointed,” wrote another.

The Woolworths spokesperson said the company understood the backlash and was working on a solution.

“We are working hard with local manufacturers to find a solution. We will keep you posted on our progress as we work on it, ”the spokesperson wrote.

Daily Mail Australia has contacted Woolworths for further comment.

A spokesperson for Woolworths said the supermarket giant

A Woolworths spokesperson said the supermarket giant was “working hard with local manufacturers to find a solution” after saying they couldn’t make enough bags locally

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